Why use FTP clients for your WordPress website

Olga Weis

WordPress first made an entrance to the World Wide Web more than a decade ago and ever since its popularity has been growing. What used to be a simple blogging platform is now a full-blown content management system. Here we will talk about one aspect of working with WordPress, i.e. managing large data on your server.

There are two ways of working with WordPress:

  • With the help of a file manager provided by your host – check their control panel for cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk. There might be another one, of course; these are the most popular file managers.

  • With the help of FTP client. In case you are wondering, what is an FTP client? FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, and it is used for transferring large data over the Internet. FTP client for Mac is a piece of software that facilitates sending files from your computer to a server and back.

If you do not intend to customize plugins and modify your site’s code, you might be okay with the dashboard and do not require WordPress FTP connection. Except for troubleshooting. With an FTP program Mac users can sort out plugin incompatibility and other such issues. Take, for example, the infamous white screen of death, when this happens, you cannot login into the dashboard to solve the problem. With FTP software Mac owners can rename the plugins folder or disable plugins one by one till they figure out which one is the troublemaker. Mac FTP client typically offers functionality for working with WordPress themes.

So if you decided it is time to look for FTP to WordPress software, you might have already gone online to search for ‘Free FTP for Mac’, ‘Free FTP Client for Mac’, ‘FTP Mac OS X’, ‘Best FTP for Mac’, ‘Free FTP client Mac’. How many results has the search returned? Must be a lot. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of FTP clients Mac users will surely appreciate. It is up to you though to figure out which one of them is the best FTP client for Mac.

  1. Commander One

    This great alternative to Finder has a built-in FTP client. Its dual pane interface allows to drag-and-drop files from one folder to another no matter where the folders are – server or local machine. Cloud storage services can be mounted on Mac and their content can be accessed as if it were stored locally.

  2. CloudMounter

    This is a system utility for mounting cloud services and FTP servers on Mac so they appear to be additional hard drives. Settings and passwords for connecting to the services and servers are kept securely in the Keychain.

  3. FileZilla

    Easily one of – if not the most – popular FTP clients. The application supports FTP/ FTPS, SFTP and allows you to use drag-and-drop to move files. Recently they’ve been reports on the adware installed along with FileZilla.

  4. SmartFTP

    A powerful tool for Windows, offers functionality that might be interesting for both absolute beginners and computer geeks.

  5. Transmit

    This solution for Mac is believed to do its job – file transfer – really fast.

  6. Cyberduck

    This cross-platform solution has a bookmarking feature and can be integrated into a text editor.

  7. Forklift

    A file manager for Mac, the primary job of which is to help working with files on Mac and your server.

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Commander One

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