How to download FLV videos on Mac?

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Found some really nice video on the web and want to save it on your computer? Use FLV downloader Mac app for watching your videos on hard drive and not depending on Internet connection.

So many beautiful and useful videos can be found on the web. From various how to's to extreme life experiences. Most of those videos are posted in FLV format - the most popular file type for uploading video files. Sometimes one needs to download FLV for Mac to be able to watch it even when there is no Internet connection. Take a look at the best FLV Downloaders for Mac that were developed exactly for this purpose and serve as the essential Mac FLV downloaders. You can effortlessly save various videos from all over the web with VideoDuke using built-in web browsers.

1. VideoDuke as your FLV downloader for Mac

Complicated download procedures will no longer be an issue courtesy of VideoDuke, an app with remarkable downloading abilities and an extremely user-friendly interface. Once you have installed VideoDuke, you will have quick access to Vimeo, YouTube and Dailymotion. These are three of the most popular video hosting services in the world, but VideoDuke will allow you to download videos in FLV format from over 100 other similar resources. By integrating this FLV downloader for Mac into your browser, you will be able to download videos much faster than before. With VideoDuke you can also download videos in FLV format with on Mac with subtitles. Users tired of losing or forgetting their favorite videos and webpages can easily use the Bookmark option offered by VideoDuke. The best part, VideoDuke can be tested and evaluated for free, granting users 2 free downloads in the beginning. So, no matter if you are using this FLV downloader Mac Safari or through the interface, you are going to get awesome results.

2. How to download FLV videos on Mac

Not sure how to download a FLV video? The following steps will show you how to save it quickly on your Mac:

  1. Start by downloading and installing VideoDuke on macOS.
  2. After launching the app, select "Dailymotion/YouTube/Vimeo" from the main window. Now you can browse your preferred website searching for videos, channels or playlists you wish to download.
  3. After choosing a video to download, VideoDuke will display it in the “Video” tab. From here, select the FLV format from the drop-down menu located next to the name of the video and click “Download”.
  4. If you have the direct link of your video, simply paste it in the search line of the VideoDuke interface, and the video is ready for download. Select the FLV format from the drop-down menu located next to the name of the video and click "Download".

  5. In both cases, your video will be automatically downloaded into a default folder (Download -> VideoDuke). If you wish to change the folder where this FLV video downloader for Mac saves videos, simply go to VideoDuke preferences -> Save files to.

3. How to download all files related
to a web page

Aside from downloading FLV files, VideoDuke also allows you to download all resources related to the website where your video is being hosted.

  1. Before anything, you need to have VideoDuke downloaded and installed on your Mac OS X.
  2. After this, launch the app and select "Dailymotion/YouTube/Vimeo" from the main window.
  3. Search the video you wish to download directly in the VideoDuke interface.
  4. After selecting the video you wish to download, the VideoDuke app will automatically set it up for download. Press the "All Resources" tab, where you can find all the resources related to the website. Select what you would like to download and press “Download” for each resource, or simply select "Download All" if all resources are needed.
  5. If you have the direct link of your video, simply paste it in the search line of the VideoDuke interface, and the video is ready for download along to all its related resources.
  6. Everything will be automatically downloaded into a default folder (Download -> VideoDuke). If you wish to change the folder, simply go to VideoDuke preferences -> Save files to.

4. More Information about Flash
Video File Formats

However, FLV is not a unique file format for Flash Videos. Adobe products and many other similar programs can also use file extensions such as F4V, F4B, F4A or F4P for Flash Videos. As previously mentioned, websites like Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc. that offer streaming content, used to support the Flash format as the default video file one, but more recently, they began moving past this or entirely eliminating it for the latest HTML5 format. Given the fact that Adobe will no longer support the Flash format after the year 2020, and that some devices do not support Flash, requiring an installed plugin in order to run Flash content on a website, this change makes absolute sense. It also takes a lot longer for plugins to update Flash content by comparison to the newer formats such as HTML5.

5. Why VideoDuke is the best Flv
downloader for Mac?

The unique ways to save time with mind-blowing downloading speed.

This video downloader consumes the minimum CPU resources, uses the minimal amount of memory, thus unloading computer processor and avoiding Internet connection slowdown. It is logical that the downloading speed will still depend on the file size and the quality of your Internet connection, but the app just gets the best possible out of them. Additionally, you can download multiple videos at a time in VideoDuke.

Very easy to use

You can download videos from the net in just a click. All you need to do is paste the link and leave the rest on the app. You can also get quick access to TV shows, music videos, cartoons from Vimeo, YouTube and Dailymotion.

Fast and trusted installation.

No malware, spyware, plug-ins, ads - this fastest video downloader for macOS is an open book for you, that is easy to read.

Unique way to save time and incredible downloading speed.

Consuming only minimum CPU resources and using a minimal amount of memory, this video processor unburdens the processor and avoids slowed-down Internet connectivity. Naturally, the download speed will still vary according to the size of the file and the capacity of the Internet connection, but VideoDuke will make the best possible out of both. In addition to this, users can download several videos at the same time.

Extremely easy to use.

With just a simple click you will be downloading videos from the web. All you have to do is to paste the link for your video, and the app will do the rest. It will also grant you quick access to music videos, TV shows, or cartoons from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion.

Fast and secure installation.

No spyware, no ads, no malware, no plug-ins – this extremely fast Mac video downloaded will be like an open book which you can easily read.

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