9 Best Archive Utilities for Mac

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The Mac OS X comes with a number of preinstalled applications, including Archive Utility. This application does a decent job when it comes to working with ZIP files on Mac – nobody really wonders how to open ZIP files on Mac. However those who often have to deal with other archive formats might find its functionality rather limited. For example, how do you open a RAR file on Mac? Or how to compress files on Mac in TBZ or TGZ, let alone more exotic formats?

Default Mac OS X solution alternatives

So if you are looking for an alternative to the default Mac OS X solution that has a mechanism for working with 7zip Mac download or RAR download for Mac, read on – here is our list of 9 best archive utilities for Mac.

Сompress, extract, open archive as a folder on Mac

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Requirements: MacOS 10.10+, 37.04MB free space. Version 2.2(3085). (6th Aug, 2019). 4.5 Rank based on 89+ users, Reviews(15)
This application is developed by Eltima Software entirely in Swift. Essentially a file management solution, it supports a large number of archive formats and is considered to be one of the best archive utilities for Mac. Apart from ZIP files Mac owners can extract and compress files in TBZ, TGZ and 7zip. The application allows to open a RAR file on Mac, but does not create a RAR archive as yet – this feature will be added in the near future.

Commander One offers a handy feature of searching through archived folders without having to extract their contents first.

The Unarchiver

The Unarchiver too helps you unzip files on Mac - ZIP, Tar-GZip, Tar-BZip2 and 7-zip formats are supported. The app handles filenames in foreign character sets, e.g. Japanese and Chinese languages. However, if you want to know how to zip a file on Mac, then Unarchiver cannot come to rescue here, as the app works only in a unarchiving mode.


The archiver was created specifically for Mac OS X and the main feature of which is the almost complete absence of the interface. The application has a number of convenient options, such as password protection of the compressed file or dividing the archived file into parts. You can specify the desired size of each divided volume. With the help of the settings, you can determine for yourself the optimal conditions for data archiving and install the so-called automatic archive. Keka supports more formats when it comes to extracting rather than compressing files. The list of extraction formats includes 7zip, ZIP, Tar, Gzip, Bzip2, DMG and ISO.


One of the most famous, popular and advanced archive utilities for Mac. Opens archives of almost all known formats and can create archives (although in this case, the number of the supported formats is not so wide). Also, it is possible to create protected archives and test existing ones. The highlight of Better ZIP functionality is its Direct Mode. It allows adding files to archives without having to save them first, deleting and renaming files inside an archive and moving them around without extracting them. The app has a RAR archiver Mac owners can make use of, although it requires an external command line utility.


iZip opens archives in such a way that they appear as removable disks in Finder, thus allowing you to manage its contents in an easy and convenient way. The app’s collaboration with Files.com enables you to share files over the Internet in a click. Besides handling 7Zip Mac users can also work with ZIP, ZIPX, RAR, TAR, TAR.GZ while using iZip.


YemuZip for Mac OS allows you to create zip archives. This program has many advantages compared to other alternatives, namely it is very easy to use, it has an easy and practical interface, there is a possibility of instant transfer of the created archives by mail, the app saves the last destination folder. It is also worth noting the ability to disable saving in the archive of the file-specific information, which then appears on the PC and other systems as "_MACOSX" files and etc.


Entropy is one of the powerful archive utilities for Mac and despite the impressive number of functions, its interface does not look overloaded. Entropy can create archives using AES-256 bit encryption. A convenient search function that allows you to quickly find the file you need. Besides all this, the app allows you to configure automatic unpacking of an archive when you double-click on it, and then delete it into the recycle bin. Also, you can set the automatic recoding of the file names so that when viewing of the archives in other operating systems there were no hieroglyphs. Entropy can work with: 7z, arj, rar, cab, tar, tar .bz2, z, zip, etc; and create 7z, tar.gz, rar, tar, tar.bz2, zip.


Fast and convenient archiver that supports RAR, StuffIt, 7zip and Zip archives. At the same time, it allows you to create encrypted data backups, and convert archives from one format to another. With Archiver, you can view the contents of archives without unarchiving them. And the most important thing that is worth your notice is that Archiver allows you to extract only those files that you really need, even more, the app has its own format of compression of images and audio files. If you still do not know how to unzip files on Mac, then try Archiver.


The last from the archive utilities for Mac list is WinZip, a "classic" from the Windows world, which also came to OS X. A very advanced solution with good functionality and some useful additional features. WinZip supports all common formats and even less known ones. The app allows you to perform various file manipulations without the need to unpack the archive. WinZip makes it possible to manage archived data much more conveniently and efficiently. It is also worth noting the export function: sending archives by e-mail, to social networks and instant messengers, as well as saving them to cloud storages.

We hope this list provides you the answer to ‘How to unzip RAR files on Mac’, ‘What utilities to compress files Mac owners could make use of?’ and other such questions.

Commander One

This dual panel file manager for Mac is fully compatible with MacOS 10.10 and later. Requires 37.04MB free space, latest version 2.2(3085) released 6th Aug, 2019

4.5 rank based on 89+ users, Reviews (15)
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