The list of best Android file transfer utilities for Mac of 2019

If you are one of those Mac users, who own an Android device, you have probably faced the problem of mounting your phone or tablet on your computer and transferring files between Mac and Android directly. Let’s face the truth, Apple doesn’t provide built-in mechanism of mounting phones even for iOS devices, not to mention Androids.

Below we’ve listed several apps that allow mounting Android devices to your Mac and working with their content as with common folders on your computer.

1. SyncMate for macOS

The first in our list is SyncMate. It allows mounting Android devices (phones or tablets, doesn’t matter) as separate Mac disks. You can easily browse Android folders on Mac and transfer files between them. Both user and system folders will be shown in Finder. Just drag-n-drop files into required folders - that's all. Fast, easy, reliable.

Besides mounting Android devices, SyncMate allows syncing data on Mac with them. Data will not be just transferred to your phone, it will be synced into appropriate app - Address book, Calendar, Music, Gallery, etc.

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2. Commander One for Mac

Another handy app for mounting Android on your Mac is Commander One. All you need is connect your phone or tablet to Mac via USB cable and it will automatically appear as a disk in Commander One. That’s all, you can work with Android as with local drive in either panel of file manager window.

With Commander One you are capable of not just mounting Android and other MTP devices, but also connecting to the most popular cloud accounts, browsing files on iOS devices, working with archives and hidden system files, using built-in Terminal Emulator and managing your system processes.

3. Android File Transfer by Google

Native utility for transferring files between Mac and Android by Google. This utility doesn’t support transferring several files at a time. So if you need to transfer several videos, you’ll need to wait for each of them to be moved before starting a new transfer. The interface is not super easy to navigate either.

4. Dukto R6 for Mac

Tiny file transfer utility that allows transferring data over LAN. Supports PC’s, Macs, Android and Symbian devices. No extra features, just transferring files. For those, who love simplicity.

5. Droid NAS

Droid NAS allows you to connect Android device as a network disk. You can work with the following folders: SD card, Camera, Downloads, Music, Photos.

6. Cloud services.

Let’s not forget about cloud services. Yes, there is no way to mount Android as Mac disk with Dropbox or SugarSync, but if you just need to transfer files between Mac and Android and the way of transferring (directly between devices or via cloud) doesn’t matter, these services can be useful.

This was the list of the best Android file transfer utilities for Mac - choose yours!