Can’t relax and fall asleep? Can’t concentrate on your work because of the annoying sounds outside or the boring playlist? Elsewhere is a new app for Mac that will help you solve these problems!
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Elsewhere: ambient nature sounds

Welcome to the virtual sounds reality! Elsewhere brings a relaxing environment of nature or city sounds right into your working space.

Elsewhere 1.0 has three sound environments:

Beach. Lounge on the golden sand and breathe in the ocean breeze.
Forest. You’ll dip into the whisper of leaves and the singing birds’ sounds.
City. Concentrate your mind on work or learning with the busy sounds of XXI century.

The Night and Day modes. Elsewhere brings you the unique feature of determining the dusk and dawn time in your time zone and adjusting its sounds to them. The sounds are even more realistic as they correspond with what you see through the window.

Rain mode. Dip into your favorite environment accompanied by a soothing sound of rain.
Rain mode is a paid option for only $0,99

No repeats. The sounds of Elsewhere are as random as real nature sounds and are played at various intervals to take you as close to where you want to be as possible.