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Airy 3
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Airy 3
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Save YouTube videos Mac Download Press Kit
PDF 393 KB, last update 26 May 2016
Save YouTube videos Mac Screenshots and Icon
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What software gurus say
"Airy, an app for downloading YouTube videos and extracting the audio to an MP3 file is simple enough."
Charlie Sorrel
"When you need to keep a copy of a YouTube video, or you want to save them for when you don't have an Internet connection, then Airy - YouTube Downloader for Mac is for you. Download and keep YouTube videos with this simple app."
"Airy YouTube Downloader Простой способ загрузить видео с YouTube, чтобы иметь возможность смотреть его офлайн. Выбор формата, качества и извлечение аудиодорожек тоже присутствуют."
Airy Lifehacker
"Il existe certes bon nombre d’alternatives au programme Airy mais celle-ci présente un très grand avantage : c’est la plus simple d’emploi. Il s’agit de l’utilitaire Airy que nous vous invitons véritablement à essayer."
"Airy is capable of downloading large Full HD and 4K Ultra HD videos – sit back and enjoy the stunning quality."

Airy 3

Airy YouTube downloader Mac