Airy - YouTube MP3 Converter for Mac

Anna Brooks

Convert YouTube to MP3 on Mac with Airy

If it happens that you find the YouTube video that you don't really need to download, but its soundtrack is what you need, use YouTube to mp3 Mac app for extracting MP3 sound from YouTube video and saving it to your computer.

YouTube is the most popular video hosting website that comes as a first choice when you want to watch some interesting video online. But often YouTube videos are removed or replaced for various reasons.

If you want to have instant access to some video even if there is no Internet connection or video was removed, use Airy for downloading and saving MP3 sound of the YouTube video.

In this How To we'll describe Airy as a YouTube to MP3 converter Mac.

Airy is an essential save YouTube videos Mac app

1. Download Airy and install it on your Mac.
Airy can be downloaded from this page and the installation process is typical for Mac apps.

2. Choose YouTube video you want to download
Enter the YouTube address in Airy, choose MP3 in formats list. Click Download.

3. Browser integration
It is very handy if your Airy is integrated with web browser. Whenever you are on a YouTube page with the desired video just click Airy bookmark and the link will be immediately copied into Airy YouTube MP3 downloader Mac for further downloading.

4. Open MP3
The downloaded MP3 sound will be placed in Airy folder in your Downloads. You can simply click Finder button on a file in Airy and the file will be shown.

Airy for Mac

Requirements: OS X 10.7+ , size: 14.3Mb
Version 2.1.89 () Release notes