So, how to Sync my Mac with Nokia?

If you're a happy owner of two perfect devices - a Mac and a Nokia phone, you've probably asked yourself – How can I make these two devices work in sync? The answer is SyncMate! This handy tool allows synchronizing most vital data between your Mac computer and your Nokia S40 phone.

Please, follow the simple steps listed below in order to sync your precious data in these devices.
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Tips & Tricks
  • Send SMS from Mac

Tired of typing on Nokia small keyboard? Type messages on your Mac!
With SyncMate SMS Manager you can easily type and send your messages directly from your Mac, benefitting from its full-size convenience.

  • Sync automatically

AutoSync your Mac and Nokia S40!
Choose and apply the most convenient options only once, next time synchronization will be performed automatically.

  • Multiple sync

Sync Nokia S40 with PC, Windows Mobile device, PSP and other supported devices via Mac (Nokia S40=> Mac => any supported device)

  • Search SMS

Got hundreds of SMS messages but need to find THAT one from John? Just use Search option. Calls History search is also available.

  • Export SMS

Do not lose any of SMS messages – export SMS into TXT, CSV, HTML formats and save them on your Mac.

Sync Mac Nokia

Step 1: Get SyncMate Free Edition

First of all, please, download SyncMate Free edition from here and install it on your Mac.

*SyncMate syncs Mac with Nokia S40 phones via Bluetooth only, so please, make sure your phone has one.

Nokia Mac suite

Step 2: Connect your Nokia to Mac

If your Mac and Nokia phone are already paired, you can launch SyncMate and establish Bluetooth connection between them.

*Have any questions? Read this article.

Synchronize Mac Nokia

Step 3: What would you like to sync?

SyncMate Free edition allows syncing Contacts and Calendar entries between your Mac and Nokia S40. So, please, check the boxes of the plugins you are about to sync.

*Interested in additional sync options? Read Step 6 for detailed info.

Mac Nokia sync software

Step 4: Choose sync direction

SyncMate allows syncing data between your Mac and Nokia in three directions - Mac to Nokia (Mac data will be added to the existing Nokia entries), Nokia to Mac (Nokia data will be added to the existing Mac entries) and bi-directional - data will be mutually updated at both sides.

Synchronize MacBook Air Nokia

Step 5: Sync NOW!

You're almost done! :) All you need to do is click "Sync now" button and your data will be synchronized!

Sync Mac Mini Nokia

Step 6: SyncMate Free vs SyncMate Expert

SyncMate Free allows syncing Contacts and Calendar in your Nokia S40 and Mac and viewing Nokia SMS messages on your Mac (SMS Reader plugin).

SyncMate Expert offers additional features. With Expert Edition you can view and search through your Nokia calls history directly on your Mac and create, delete, send and search through SMS messages right from your computer with SMS Manager plugin (messages export is available) and sync Mac and Nokia automatically.

Synchronize iMac Nokia

Step 7: Sync even more devices with your Mac!

SyncMate allows syncing your Mac with Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Android devices, other Macs and Windows computers, Sony PSP, any mounted storage devices, MT devices, iPhones, iPads, iPods Touch or Nano, Google and Dropbox accounts, iCloud, Yahoo!.

How to switch the mobile device to USB flash drive mode?
Now you can sync your iTunes & Video using USB 2.0 high speed connection. SyncMate 2 allows you to sync faster via USB flash drive mode in case your device features such option.

To switch your mobile device to USB flash drive mode please follow:

Start -> Settings -> Connection Mode (USB) -> (there will be 2 options to select: "Active Sync" and "Removable disk") check "Removable disk".

Finally, connect your mobile device to Mac.