MTP Device

Sync your MTP device with Mac

We are going to show you how you can easily and with no hassle sync data on your Mac with any MTP device you have. With SyncMate Expert you will be able to sync images, videos, music, and folders between your OS X computer and any device supporting MTP.

Sync iTunes

Your entire music and video collection can be transferred from MTP device to Mac and vice versa. It will also be in perfect sync — your entire collection will be accessible both from your Mac & MTP device.

Sync Photo

SyncMate Expert makes sure your photos & images are in perfect sync between your MTP devices & Mac.

Sync Folders

With SyncMate Expert you can be sure that not only the folders structure, but also all of their content are in perfect sync between Mac and MTP devices. Just need to choose 'Folders Sync' option.

Mount MTP devices

Use 'Mount disk' option to mount your MTP device as a Mac disk. A couple of clicks and you can work with your MTP device content as it was located on your Mac.

Options available for MTP sync


Requirements: OS X 10.8.5+
50.68MB free space
Version 6.6.334 (17th Nov, 2016) Release notes
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