So, how to sync iPod Touch with Mac?

Syncing data between your Mac and iPod Touch is a piece of cake with SyncMate!

SyncMate will sync your personal data as well as media files, folders and lots more!

Thrilled? Keep on reading to learn more about the options SyncMate offers!
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Tips & Tricks
  • Sync with multiple Macs

With SyncMate you can sync iPod Touch with several Macs. Of course, the quantity of iPods you can connect and sync with your Mac is also unlimited.

  • Autosync

Sync data between Mac and iPod Touch automatically! Apply settings only once, and in future SyncMate will sync everything itself according to your choice.

  • Sync with other devices

Sync iPod Touch with Windows Mobile or Android devices, Nokia S40 phones, iPod Nano, iPad or iPhone, Windows computers, Dropbox or Google accounts, Sony PSP and other supported devices via Mac (iPod Touch => Mac => any supported device).

Sync Mac iPod Touch

Step 1: Install SyncMate Free edition.

Download and install SyncMate Free edition on your Mac. SyncMate is compatible with iOS 3.x - iOS 6.x iPod Touch devices (we advise to test SyncMate Free edition prior to upgrading to Expert).

iPod Touch sync

Step 2: Connect your iPod Touch to your Mac

You can sync your iPod Touch with Mac via USB. So, once SyncMate is installed, please, connect your iPod to your Mac.

Note that SyncMate doesn't limit the quantity of Macs you can sync your iPod with. Of course, the quantity of iPods, which can be synced with your Mac is also unlimited.

*Have any questions? Read this article.

Mac and iPod Touch synchronization

Step 3: What would you like to sync?

SyncMate Free can sync Address Book and iCal entries between your Mac and iPod Touch. Choose required plugins by checking their boxes.

*Read Step 6 to find what other sync options SyncMate has for you.

Synchronize iPod Touch

Step 4: Choose sync direction

Data in your Mac and iPod Touch can be synced in three directions - Mac to iPod Touch (Mac data will be added to the existing entries on your iPod), iPod Touch to Mac (iPod data will be added to the existing Mac entries) and bi-directional - data will be mutually updated on both sides.

Contacts, calendars, Safari bookmarks, Entourage and Mail notes (OS X 10.7 or earlier), Stickies and folders can be synced in three directions. iTunes & Video* and iPhoto* can be synced in one direction (iPod Touch to Mac).

iPod Touch synchronization

Step 5. Sync now!

Now just click "Sync now" button to have your data updated on both sides.

iPod Touch sync

Step 6. SyncMate Free vs SyncMate Expert

You can turn your iPod into a personal assistant with SyncMate Free edition – it will sync Contacts and Calendars between your iPod Touch and Mac.

SyncMate Expert offers you even more. You can sync Safari bookmarks, Mail notes and Entourage notes, favorite music and videos*, photos*, Stickies, Folders and more. You can also sync data on Mac with iPod Touch automatically (when syncing media files and folders with iPod Touch, sync is possible only with "user/media" folder on iPod Touch).

Moreover, you can mount your iPod Touch as additional Mac disk and browse its content on Mac (possible to mount only "user/media" folder on iPod Touch).

* There are few peculiarities of syncing iTunes&Video and iPhoto with iOS devices. Please study them carefully.

Synchronize iMac Android

Step 7. Synchronize your Mac with other devices!

SyncMate can also sync data on your Mac with Nokia S40 phones, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Android devices, other Macs and Windows computers, Sony PSP, MTP devices, mounted storage devices, iPods Nano, iPhones, iPads, Google, Dropbox, iCloud, and Yahoo! accounts.

How to switch the mobile device to USB flash drive mode?
Now you can sync your iTunes & Video using USB 2.0 high speed connection. SyncMate 2 allows you to sync faster via USB flash drive mode in case your device features such option.

To switch your mobile device to USB flash drive mode please follow:

Start -> Settings -> Connection Mode (USB) -> (there will be 2 options to select: "Active Sync" and "Removable disk") check "Removable disk".

Finally, connect your mobile device to Mac.