SyncMate 4 available on OS X 10.6.6. - 10.8.5 for $39.95 (US)
Sync iPod Nano with your Mac
If you have a folder with numerous files and need
to keep it synced with your Nano, just sync it with
SyncMate instead of transferring each file manually.
SyncMate will save your time!
  • Pictures, Videos & Music
  • Folders
  • Autosync
  • Backup
Compatible with iPod Nano (tested with 3rd and 5th generations); Requires Mac OS X versions 10.6.6 - 10.8.5.
SyncMate 4
Sync Contacts, Calendars,
Entourage, Mail notes and lots
more with SyncMate 4
  • Requires.....OS X 10.6.6 - 10.8.5
  • Version ...... 4.1 (31st Jul, 2012)
  • Supported.....up to OS X 10.8.5
  • Total Downloads .............. 60 000+
  • Developer ...........Eltima Software
SyncMate 4.1 (31st Jul, 2012)
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Contacts & Background sync
  • Download SyncMate Free edition
    Get SyncMate Expert edition.
    First of all, download and install Free edition of SyncMate on your Mac. iPod Nano can be synced with SyncMate Expert edition only, so, once SyncMate Free is installed, you will need to upgrade it to Expert Edition.
  • Connect your Android to Mac
    Connect iPod Nano to your Mac.
    Launch SyncMate and establish connection between your Mac and iPod Nano - SyncMate can sync these devices via USB cable.
  • Choose what to sync
    What do you want to sync?
    With SyncMate Expert you can sync music, videos and pictures between your Mac and iPod Nano. You can also sync the contents of the folders on both devices. Moreover, you can back up iPod Nano data on your Mac and restore it when required.

    Now please check the boxes of the plugins you are about to sync.
  • Choose what to sync
    Choose sync direction
    There are three directions of syncing data between Mac and iPod Nano - Mac to iPod (Mac data will be added to the existing entries on iPod), iPod to Mac (iPod data will be added to the existing Mac entries) and bi-directional - data will be mutually updated on both sides.

    Folders can be synced in three directions; iTunes & Video can be synced in one or two directions; iPhoto can be synced in one direction only - from iPod Nano to your Mac.
  • Choose what to sync
    Sync NOW!
    You're almost there! :) Just click "Sync now" button and your data will be updated on both devices!
  • What I like about SyncMate is that it provides possibility to sync lots of devices with my Mac. And the best in SyncMate is that data can be synced automatically - that's really awesome!
    Rick Ross, NY