Google Accounts

Synchronize Mac with Google accounts

SyncMate is a great companion for your Google accounts! Sync your Calendar and Address Book entries with Google Calendars and Google Contacts for free. This will keep all important info for you even if you are away from your Mac. With SyncMate Expert you can also sync images, videos, music, and folders with numerous files in them between your Mac and
Google Drive storage.

Sync Folders & more

The content & structure of the documents on your Google Drive account can be synced with your Mac. Your Contacts, Calendar entries, pictures, music, videos can be transferred and synchronized too.

Sync Automatically

You don’t have to worry about forgetting to click ‘Sync now’ button. Once you set up your sync preferences, the data on your Mac and Google drive account will be synced automatically.

Mount Google Drive

Your Google Drive can be mounted as a Mac disk, so you can sync the data as if your Google Drive was a USB Storage device.

Sync Safely

Your e-mail & password will only be used for connecting SyncMate to your Google account via secure protocol. No need to worry about losing your personal data, we won’t share it with anyone.

Options available for Google sync


Requirements: OS X 10.8.5+
50.68MB free space
Version 6.6.334 (17th Nov, 2016) Release notes
Download Downloaded 1 077 063 times
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