Sync BlackBerry phones with Mac

SyncMate 4 will assist in keeping data on your Mac in sync with BlackBerry phones. Whatever you would like to sync between Mac and BlackBerry – contacts, calendar entries, images, music or even whole folders – SyncMate 4 will do this for you!

Compatible with BlackBerry OS 6 and 7; Requires Mac OS X versions 10.6.6–10.8.5.
  • Sync personal data

    Never miss an event — SyncMate 4 lets you share your Calendar entries between Mac & BlackBerry. SyncMate 4 will also help you keep entries in Address Book on Mac and in your Blackberry devices in perfect sync. No need to update contacts twice on Mac and on your mobile.
  • View SMS on Mac

    SMS Reader plugin allows you to read your messages directly on your Mac. Doing this on a big screen certainly makes difference. This is free too.
  • Sync Music & Pictures

    Want pictures taken on your BlackBerry to be shared on your Mac and the other way round? SyncMate 4 makes it possible by syncing all your images, videos and music between devices.
  • Sync Folders

    SyncMate 4 enables you to transfer folders and its content from one device to another. Use the app to sync the changes to avoid multiple versions of the same documents at different locations.

Options available for BlackBerry

Options Device to Mac Mac to Device Both directions
Pictures, Videos & Music
To Do/Reminders
Entourage notes
Mail notes
Call history
SMS Reader

SyncMate 4

Requirements: OS X 10.6.6–10.8.5.
41.17Mb free space
Version 4.1.1897 (30th Apr, 2014) Release notes
Download Downloaded 464 387 times
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