New SyncMate 5
for Mac

SyncMate Requires OS X 10.8.5 or later
  • Mac with multiple devices

    Synchronize Mac with
    multiple devices

    SyncMate is probably the only Mac sync software that allows syncing Mac with multiple devices simultaneously (Android devices, unlimited quantity of iOS devices, other Macs, any MTP devices, and mounted storages). No need to purchase several sync solutions in order to sync your Mac with each device – just download SyncMate and all supported devices will be synced within one application.

  • Mac with online accounts

    Synchronize Mac with
    online accounts

    SyncMate can sync data not only with numerous devices, but also with online accounts and cloud storages! Sync data with iCloud storage, Google account (Google Drive is supported), or even with your Dropbox account!

  • Sync options

    Numerous sync options

    SyncMate lets you sync your Calendars, Reminders, Contacts, Safari bookmarks, iTunes, iPhoto. SyncMate lets you read and manage your SMS messages as well as text your friends and watch through Call History directly from your Mac. Moreover, SyncMate offers you to sync your devices automatically in the background.

Mac with multiple devices
Check out SyncMate video review!

We are introducing you the latest version of SyncMate with the new intuitive interface
and numerous sync options. SyncMate is your all-in-one sync tool for Mac.
Check out SyncMate video review
Friendly devices for SyncMate
With SyncMate, you can synchronize Mac and various devices and accounts within one app.
Start clicking the devices below to learn more about each connection.
Android devices
Sync your Mac with Android devices
Synchronize Mac with your Android device ! You can sync plenty of things:
contacts, calendars, folders, images, music, videos and more between Mac
and Android.

SyncMate offers you convenient way of managing Android messages - you can
read, create, send or delete them right on your Mac!
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Folders
  • SMS
  • Call history
  • Bookmarks
  • Background Sync
  • iTunes
  • iPhoto
  • AutoSync
  • Mount disk
  • Music
  • Backup
Sync Options
We offer SyncMate in two editions. Free edition helps you solve basic syncing problems.
Expert edition, in its turn, offers an extremely wide range of synchronization options
of your Mac with multiple devices.
The plugins available for your device may differ.
We recommend you to test SyncMate Free Edition prior to purchase Expert Edition.
Compare table view
The chart below is a general list of ALL the options offered by SyncMate.
For more detailed info, please check the list of sync options offered specifically for your device.
Options Free Edition Expert Edition
Connect multiple devices
Contacts sync
Calendar synchronization
Background sync
Activity log
Read SMS
iPhoto gallery sync
Sync videos in iPhoto
iTunes media sync
Folders synchronization
SyncMate 5
SyncMate 5 Expert available
for $39.95 (US)
  • What I like about SyncMate is that it provides possibility to sync lots of devices with my Mac. And the best in SyncMate is that data can be synced automatically - that's really awesome!
    Rick Ross
  • I'm not very technically inclined but the interface made sense and I picked things up pretty quickly. Brilliant.
    Dan Marius
  • After switching to Syncmate to help me Sync my Android Phone with my MacBook Pro and iPad I never looked back. What really sets SyncMate apart is it's Customer Service. It his been consistently THE BEST. Thanks for being so helpful.
    Mel Cozzens