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Streaming video downloader for Mac

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  • Latest build5.0.381
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Supports Mac OS X 10.7+
A great and friendly video downloader Mac app
What's AVI
Streaming video is a content transmitted in a compressed form over the web and displayed to the viewer in real time, i.e. one doesn't have to wait until the video is fully loaded to watch it. The media is transmitted in a continious stream of data and is displayed as it arrives.
How to capture streaming video on Mac
  • 1
    Download here streaming video downloader Mac app
    Download Elmedia Player from this website and install it on your Mac by dragging the APP file to your Applications folder. Then start the application.
  • 2
    Activate PRO version on your computer
    In Elmedia Player menu choose "Activate PRO version" option and insert the activation code that you got after you placed the order for Elmedia Player PRO and click OK. You don't need to restart the system or Elmedia Player to finalize the activation process.
  • 3
    We recommend
    It is recommended to integrate Elmedia Player into your web browser so that you can gain instant access to "Download online movies" mode. It is very easy to do, just use "Integrate into Browser" option.

    After that open the website you want to download videos from in your browser and use "Open in Elmedia Player" button.
  • 4
    Which file you will download?
    Decide on what movie you will download and add it to Elmedia Player via the integrated button or manually. Then you will see the downloads list filled with the resources found at the web address you specified. That's the one you need.
  • 5
    Download streaming video on Mac
    Now just click "Download" button and the video saving process will start. The video will be saved to the directory indicated in Elmedia Player preferences, "Put new downloads in" option.
You also get these great extra features with Elmedia Player PRO:
  • PRO Download videos from YouTube
  • PRO Download videos from the web
  • PRO Make screenshots
  • PRO Convert Flash Projectors to SWF
Elmedia Player
  • Requires .................................. OS X 10.7
  • Version .................. 5.0 (10th Oct, 2014)
  • Reviews(213) ...................
  • Total downloads ....................... 45 000+
  • Developer ..................... Eltima Software
  • 2014.01.16 Jeff
    This product has been around for a long time — that, alone, in today's market counts for a great deal.
  • 2014.02.12 Bugbob
    It plays a wide variety of video types, some types I'd never even heard of. Playback quality is stellar, as is its ease of use and feature set. I highly recommend it.
  • 2014.03.13 Hansjürg Geiger
    Elmedia Player Pro is a nice, stable and easy to use program that does a very good job for viewing and downloading various formats of movies on the Mac.