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Folx 3.0 is out with plenty of new great features! All registered users of previous versions can upgrade with 50% OFF the Folx regular price. Hurry to grab your discount!
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Client: Shodan

"I really like this software and use it for almost all of my download needs."

Evaluated by: Lifehacker

“Folx is a feature–rich download and torrent manager for Mac”

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Fast and easy downloading

Folx is the best download accelerator Mac app. It provides you with speedy downloading process and accelerates your downloads.

Folx is a free and friendly download accelerator for Mac. This app is stuffed with great features however not overloaded with unnecessary ones. All you have to do to download content from the web is click the link in your web browser and Folx will catch it.

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With Folx - an ultimate download accelerator for Mac - you can:

Accelerate your downloads on Mac

Folx allows you to accelerate all your downloads thanks to splitting them in threads: in two threads in free version and in up to ten threads in PRO! Thanks to this capability you can save significant amount of time.

downloader os x

Download with Folx instead of your browser

Folx Folx is not only faster, it also allows you to adjust the download speed and automatically resume your downloads in case you were offline, the tracker was down for some reason, etc

accelerate downloads on mac

Easily find the downloaded content on the hard drive

The downloads grow faster and faster and one day you just don't remember where you saved some of them? Folx solves this issue by tagging the downloads. By tagging them you instruct Folx where to save them and whenever you need to find some files you don't even have to start Folx, just follow the familiar tags structure. You can assign as many tags as needed to one download task.

download manager accelerator mac

All downloaded music and videos automatically go to iTunes

All downloaded music and videos can automatically go to iTunes playlists named the same as the tag assigned to those downloads if you enable Folx integration with iTunes.

download accelerator os x

Control the download speed

In Folx PRO you have a great possibility to control download speed automatically. Whenever you start using Internet more extensively, Folx will automatically adjust the speed and proceed downloading in the background without interfering with your work.

download manager accelerator mac

Schedule your downloads

Folx PRO offers very convenient scheduling option. You can set the time and date for downloads and define Folx exiting behavior after the downloads are finished: system shutdown, switch to sleeping mode or quit Folx.

Full features list:

  • Powerful download engine for maximum performance
  • High download speed
  • Auto-resuming file transfer
  • Set the priorities for downloads
  • Control time and speed of your downloads
  • iTunes integration (PRO Version)
  • Smart Speed Adjustment (PRO Version)
  • Split the downloads in several threads
  • Scheduling of downloads (PRO Version)
  • Automatic capture of download links
  • Torrent client
  • Search for torrents directly from the application (PRO Version)
  • Possibility to limit maximum upload rate for specific torrents or globally
  • Automatic download of files from RSS feeds (PRO version)
  • RSS subscription directly from Folx interface
  • Smart tag and folder technology to manage all your downloads
  • Smart groups creation
  • Automatic tags assignment to download tasks
  • Detailed log info to check the download process
  • Growl integration
  • Spotlight integration
  • Almost all Mac OS X browsers integration
  • A wise Floating Window – quick access to your downloads
  • Folx can be running in the background after launch
  • User-friendly interface

Interface languages:

English Russian

Compatible with:

  • Mac OS X 10.4
  • Mac OS X 10.5
  • Mac OS X 10.6
  • Mac OS X 10.7
  • Mac OS X 10.8

Comparison option
Folx PRO
1 Splitting of downloads in up to ten threads No Yes
2 Scheduling the downloads No Yes
3 Integration with iTunes No Yes
4 Smart Speed control No Yes
5 Split the downloads in two threads Yes Yes
6 Control duration and speed of your downloads Yes Yes
7 High-speed downloading Yes Yes
8 Auto-resuming of downloads Yes Yes
9 Automatic catching of downloads Yes Yes
10 Smart tagging and folder technology Yes Yes
11 Growl integration Yes Yes
12 Spotlight integration Yes Yes
13 Plugin for catching downloads in popular Mac OS browsers Yes Yes
14 File Manager for completed downloads Yes Yes
15 Quick Look integration Yes Yes
16 Mini controller for compact view of Folx Yes Yes
17 Add-ons with special context menu for Folx for all browsers Yes Yes
18 Filtering by type, tag, date Yes Yes
19 Support for Apple's Retina displays Yes Yes
20 Various ways of adding downloads to Folx Yes Yes
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