So, how to sync cloud storages with Mac?

SyncMate will easily sync contacts, calendars and To Do/Reminders on your Mac with any cloud storage, which works via CardDAV or CalDAV.

Among the most popular CardDAV and CalDAV based storages are iCloud and Yahoo!, but it doesn't mean they are the only storages you can sync with. Keep on reading to learn more about cloud sync with SyncMate.
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Tips & Tricks
  • iCloud sync

With SyncMate you can keep contacts, calendars, To Do/Reminders on your Mac at the same time with your iCloud account.

  • Sync with earlier OS

Even if you have earlier OS X, which has no iCloud on it, you can still sync data on Mac with your iCloud account with SyncMate.

  • Multiple sync

Sync Android or Google data to iCloud or Yahoo! accounts with SyncMate via Mac (device=> Mac=> cloud storage).

  • Sync with any storage

You can sync with any cloud storage that works via CardDAV or CalDAV protocols, just add it manually and you are ready to sync.

  • Keep your iCal safe

Sync your calendar entries back to your Mac if decided to stop using iCloud (originally iCloud doesn't allow transferring your calendars back on Mac).

Sync Mac iCloud, Yahoo!

Step 1: Download SyncMate Free edition.

Firstly, download and install SyncMate Free edition.

Synchronize Cloud

Step 2: Choose the data you are going to sync.

If you are going to sync contacts, then choose "Cloud contacts" connection in SyncMate wizard. If you are going to sync calendars and To Do/Reminders, choose "Cloud calendars" connection.

Mac cloud synchronization

Step 3: Connect your cloud storage.

Choose cloud storage you want to sync with from the list or connect your own storage (note, it must work via CalDAV or CardDAV protocols).

*Have any questions? Read this article.

Synchronize Mac iCloud, Yahoo!

Step 4: Establish sync settings.

Click required plugin and adjust all sync settings available for it.

Cloud synchronization

Step 5. Sync!

That's all, you are ready to sync! Click "Sync now" button and your data will be synced.

iCloud sync, Yahoo! sync

Step 6. SyncMate Free vs SyncMate Expert

While Free edition of SyncMate allows syncing contacts and calendars, Expert version adds the possibility to sync To Do/Reminders on your Mac with cloud storages.

Synchronize iMac cloud storages

Step 7. Sync even more devices with your Mac!

SyncMate allows syncing your Mac with Windows Mobile, Android, Nokia S40 and BlackBerry devices, other Macs and Windows computers, Sony PSP, any mounted storage devices, iPhones, iPads, iPods Touch or Nano, Google and Dropbox accounts, any MTP devices.

How to switch the mobile device to USB flash drive mode?
Now you can sync your iTunes & Video using USB 2.0 high speed connection. SyncMate 2 allows you to sync faster via USB flash drive mode in case your device features such option.

To switch your mobile device to USB flash drive mode please follow:

Start -> Settings -> Connection Mode (USB) -> (there will be 2 options to select: "Active Sync" and "Removable disk") check "Removable disk".

Finally, connect your mobile device to Mac.